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BI Power Hour: Blast Off to SAP BI 4.2

Infolytik/SolidGround Technologies' first ever BI Power Hour offers a comprehensive "tell-all" of every enhancement, limitation, nuance, implementation challenge or "in-the-trench" anecdote as they evolve from 4.1, 4.2 SP2 and finally 4.2 SP3. If you are currently in the midst of any of these versions but feel that there's not enough empirical evidence to inspire an upgrade or just want to learn more - this webinar is highly recommended. Enjoy!

Download Presentation Slides: BI PowerHour: Blast off ...

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Universe and UNX Visual Diff & Version History – here first!

It's been a long time coming, but it's finally here: The ability to visually compare two classic Universe or more modern, UNX (Semantic Layer) between any environment or version of SAP BusinessObjects. So what? Well... The scenario is all too familiar to us: Manager: These numbers don't look right Report Developer: But nothing changed, all we did was refresh the report Manager: I understand, but revenue for the last period was higher before, now its dipped Report Developer: Hmmm, we'll take a look (hours ... Read more

SAP BusinessObjects scheduled instances analysis & MetaMiner = Winner!

Last week we blogged about visualizing CMS instance generation and scheduling activities using MetaMiner Community Edition over at the SCN's BI Platform blog. A bigger post around Instances Analysis is on its way, but in the meantime, take a short visit to our SCN post and learn all about it. Bonus: Video of instances analysis shown on Mac OS! Read more

MetaMiner 5 – Released & Now Available!

Phew!  The good folks at Infolytik are happy to report that MetaMiner 5.1 is now Generally Available and ready for download! Download link and more details around this awesome release after the break! (more…) Read more