MetaMiner Tableau Edition

The good folks at Infolytik are no strangers to the complexities of enterprise metadata management.

Since we founded Infolytik some 9 years ago, we've been working hard to help customers find the deeply hidden gems around their BI assets for SAP BusinessObjects - and now Tableau - to answer age-old questions.

Metadata Challenges in Modern Analytic Platforms

  • What reports/workbooks use a particular table? field?
  • Are my universe objects all being used or just some of them? Where?
  • What content uses a specific schema? Connection?
  • Do my dashboards utilize all the fields in my datasource?
  • Are there datasources used in my Tableau server that are embedded but could be switched to use published ones instead?

How are we solving these questions now?

Yes, these are the questions that plague the Information security leadership, Governance gurus, Analytics Center of Excellence and just about anyone who sits along the data assets value chain.

Having immediate and comprehensive access to the metadata of your Tableau workbooks greatly accelerates fact-finding by orders of magnitude and in some cases, enables use cases that you simply cannot attempt without it - like searching for PII (personally identifiable information) or determining what dashboards use a recently problematic calculation. If you're not familiar with the Tableau Metadata Model itself, you can learn more about that here:

The Tableau Metadata Model Explained

If these issues resonate with you, then give MetaMiner Tableau a spin - it may be just what the doctor ordered.

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