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Our Mission is to build the most effective enterprise BI management solutions that help simplify even the most complex tasks and ultimately save organizations time and money while enhancing their experience with SAP BI.

Who’s Infolytik?

We provide state-of-the-art solutions to help better manage and optimize SAP BI ghostwriter and Business Objects landscapes through exceptionally easy-to-use yet sophisticated applications. Our flagship product, MetaMiner, delivers powerful capabilities in BI landscape security compliance, metadata analysis, enterprise auditing and BI asset backup & restore – bringing tremendous relief and unparalleled uptime to organizations by allowing them to finally focus on results rather than struggle with the administration and maintenance challenges found in complex hausarbeit ghostwriting environments.

MetaMiner has transformed how The Texas A&M University System administers Business Objects. Since installing MetaMiner, we have gained insight into how our customers use interact with Business Objects on a daily basis. In turn, that information has allowed us to adjust how we support both content and delivery of information. By exposing Business Object's CMS in an intuitive UI MetaMiner has saved us countless development hours integrating our proprietary security to Business Objects.

– David Gutierrez
Associate Director, facharbeit schreiben lassen Business Intelligence
The Texas A&M University


Atul Chowdhury

Comprehensive SAP BusinessObjects platform administration, analysis and workflow to run your Business Intelligence program quicker, safer and with better outcomes.

Infolytik Core Team



Fiddling on his TRS-80 and recording BASIC programs on his parent's cassette recorder were normal after-school activities for this budding computer scientist (and we use the term "scientist" with a very large grain of salt!). Fast-forward many years later, and Atul was busy implementing large-scale BI systems for organizations like Medidata Solutions, Bank of America and World Bank - and continues to work tirelessly to help people distill the maximum value from their business intelligence and analytics investments.



A veteran of enterprise software engineering, Dmitry’s no stranger to complex architectures and concepts (yes, even Big Data), leading all development efforts around Infolytik’s product suite. He can often be found noodling away at those problems that, well, no one else here can solve.



A perfectionist at heart, Vlad’s solely responsible for our ultra-light and high-performance UIs and flawless user experience that you may have come across and told yourself “wow, cool!” Vlad brings to Infolytik many years of enterprise experience having worked at marquee organizations.

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Our History

Actionable, Real-Time Insights About Your BI Landscape
October 2009

Infolytik Company Born

Founding year of Infolytik when Atul Chowdhury set his sights on developing the most comprehensive BI management platform on Earth after spending many years and witnessing many failures to deploy robust BI solutions across the Enterprise.

November 2009

CMS/Connect Released

CMS/Connect is released and boasts to be the first ever real-time middleware to extract metadata from BusinessObject’s metadata repository or “CMS” platform to plain relational and human-readable data.

December 2009

SAP Certification achieved

CMS/Connect achieves SAP Certification as the firstever solution in its class to be fully compliant and performant according to the standards set by SAP themselves for all partner technology solutions. Hooray, Infolytik!

March 2011

MetaBridge released

MetaBridge released and introduces much deeper and broader visibility into impact analysis, data lineage and other BI artifacts for Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, User Security and more.

December 2013

MetaMiner 5 released

MetaMiner 5 released and rearchitected from the ground up to support single instance, multi-version multi-tenant BI landscapes of 100k’s users and millions of BI assets.

October 2016

Over 250% growth

Infolytik enjoys over 250% growth and doubles its customer based in less than a year.

August 2017

Pulse Revolution

Pulse revolutionizes DataOps by delivering the first real-time infrastructure monitoring and behavioral analytics for hybrid BI landscapes using SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau Enterprise.

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