171% ROI on SAP BI4

How? Predictive Analytics, Self-service and Business transformation

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Discover MetaMiner Enterprise!

New Interface
MetaMiner boasts the only high-performance multi-CMS analytic tool for XI3/BI4 deployments.
Metadata Analytics
By capturing nearly every aspect of your landscape, we can now provide proactive monitoring and utilization statistics not possible until now.
Meta Query
A built-in meta-exploration tool allows free-form SQL query and analysis of any number of CMS installations.
Security Matrix
Documenting security isn’t easy; well, not until we made it so. Check it out!
Big Metadata
Hundreds of thousands of assets? Tens of thousands of users? We’ve got you covered with our high-performance and ultra-visual MetaMiner client capable of nanosecond search times across millions of assets
Advanced Reports
No silly listing here. Infolytik delivers rich and meaningful analysis in all of our canned reports to deliver real value – right now.