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Getting the Trial Version

How to Request a Trial Version

Easy! There are three options:

  1. For newcomers:

    Visit the Infolytik Free Trial web page and submit a form:

    MMTE Free Trial Link

    Wait for the answer by email.

  2. If you already have a trial license:

    Download from Infolytik HelpDesk

    1. Open web page in your browser.
    2. Log in (required).

      But I don't have a HelpDesk login - What to do?

      Log in with your Google, Twitter, or Facebook account, or contact Infolytik Support at [email protected] to request access. Only customers with current maintenance or authorized users may access the HelpDesk.

    3. Once you enter the HelpDesk, navigate to the Solutions - MetaMiner Downloads and Releases section: Helpdesk Solutions Releases

    There you will find a list of topics for each generally available release.

    1. Select the latest new release.


      MetaMiner Tableau Edition and MetaMiner Business Objects share the same installer and packages.

      Each topic has:

      • Release Notes

      • Download Links

      • Additional documents or notes required to use or understand the release

    2. Read Release Notes and download the suitable installer.

  3. For Customers or Workshop Participants:

    If you're attending an Infolytik workshop and have been instructed to download MetaMiner then you should have received an email to a direct link and a demo license.

If you still have issues getting the software or a license key, please reach us directly at [email protected]

About MetaMiner Releases

From time to time, Infolytik will release a new version of MetaMiner, Pulse, and other products for customers to use.

There are two main types of releases:

Release Type Installation process
Major release MetaMiner requires a full re-install
Update release MetaMiner requires an incremental update install

Available Installers

The following installation bundles are available for MetaMiner 5.2:

  • MetaMiner Client (Windows, exe, interactive setup)

  • MetaMiner Client (macOS, dmg setup)

  • MetaMiner Server bundle for new installations (Windows, exe, interactive setup)

  • MetaMiner Server bundle for upgrading existing installations (Windows, exe, interactive setup)

  • MetaMiner Upgrade Mini Installer: to be used only if requested by Infolytik Support (Windows, exe setup)

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