How to Obtain a Paid License

If you wish to evaluate MetaMiner Tableau Edition, you may think about getting the Trial Version license.

If you are an existing customer and do not have a License Key or misplaced it, or you just purchased MetaMiner Tableau Edition but do not have a License Key still, or if you are an Infolytik customer using a legacy product (CMS/Audit, CMS/Connect, MetaMiner 1.4) that has upgraded to MetaMiner 5.2+, please contact [email protected] for a permanent key to use with your installation.

To obtain a new License Key and become an Infolytik customer, do the following:

  1. Open in any web browser (Google Chrome is recommended). The Infolytik Contact Page opens:

    Contact Page

  2. Fill in all fields displayed on the web page. Write down your order details in the Your Message field.

  3. Click SEND.
  4. Wait for the answer by email.
  5. Discuss payment details.
  6. Wait for the bill, pay.
  7. Wait for the License Key.
  8. Open MMTE Administrator.
  9. Apply a new license key.
  10. Restart MMTE Server.
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