Managing Logs in MMA

As MMTE performs its work, it may be useful to learn of its progress and performance by viewing its log files.

Some of these files may be accessed from MMTE Administrator UI:

  • Choose File – Open MetaMiner Administrator Log to open admin.log in your default text editor

  • Choose File – Open MetaMiner Service Log to open server.log file if it is newer than server.start.log; otherwise it will display server.start.log file in your default text editor

  • Choose File – Open Diagnostic Log to open diagnostic.log

  • Choose File – Open Threads Log to open threads.log in your default text editor

  • Choose File – Open Log Folder to open the directory which contains MMTE logs in File Explorer, by default <MMTE installation directory>\server\logs

  • Choose File – Purge Logs to remove log files.


    If MMTE Server is running, all logs it is using will not be deleted because they are locked. admin.log will not be removed due to the same reason.


    The purge command deletes all the files and sub-directories under <MetaMiner installation directory>\server\logs which are not locked, that is why do not store your backups and any valuable data in this directory.

    Read here how to purge all logs.

  • Choose File – Create Log Bundle to open the Create Log Bundle dialog box. In this dialog box:

    • Optionally set the Include SQL parser warnings checkbox
    • Optionally set the Include ORM warnings checkbox

    Wait while your bundle is being prepared.

    Finally, the archive with a filename like will be generated, stored in the directory <METAMINER installation directory>\server and opened in File Explorer.

    It will include all MMTE Server and MMTE Administrator logs, including the ones not available from the File menu directly:

    • admin.log
    • admin.start.log
    • clients-activity.log
    • diagnostic.log
    • gc-<timestamp>.log.N.current
    • grafana.log
    • influx.log
    • longquery.log
    • mma-audit.log
    • mmdb.log
    • postgres.log
    • query.log
    • queryagent.log
    • queryagent.start.log
    • queryagentlongquery.log
    • queryagentquery.log
    • server.log
    • server.start.log
    • slc.log
    • tableau-metadata-errors.log
    • threads.log

MMTE Administrator displays logs in the default system text editor, associated with the .txt file extension on this Windows Server under this user account.

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