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Owners Filter Group

The Owners filter group in the Filter Pane consists of a checkbox list and a search tool. Each value represents a user account in one of the selected Tableau environments:

Owners Filter

With this filter, you can limit the displayed BI data to the objects which are owned by a specific user or users.

Start typing a user account name you are looking for in the search control, and the list will be limited to user account names that contain your input.


The owner is displayed for all BI objects in the Owner column in the Content Area of Tableau Explorer.

There is an additional item (All) in the list of users. Use it to toggle between all user accounts being selected and all user accounts being unselected.

If all users are selected, or none of them, then the Owners filter is not applied, and it does not limit the data displayed.

Note the Use Display Names for Users setting in Preferences.

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