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What is MetaMiner Tableau Edition?

MetaMiner Tableau Edition (MMTE) is a multitenant corporate analysis and management solution. It offers Business Intelligence data extraction, analysis, search, and comparison, even if this data is from environments of different Tableau platforms and versions, installed on premises or in the cloud. All the different environments are accessed through the single user interface of the MetaMiner Tableau Edition Client tool.

It is the software primarily for business impact analysis, developed for large and extra-large enterprises that use Tableau Software.

MMTE eliminates the challenges of managing and administering Tableau Software by automating important tasks like metadata management, performance monitoring, versioning, and utilization analysis.

MMTE in a Corporate Landscape

The following diagram shows the place of MetaMiner Tableau Edition on your enterprise landscape:

MTE Corporate Connectivity

BI administrators, data analysts, and BI end users can be the same people. MMTE Client and Tableau Desktop/Web UI can be used on the same device, simultaneously.

Core capabilities

MMTE provides four core capabilities for administrators, data analysts, and architects of Tableau, allowing them to:

  1. Gain insight into a corporate BI landscape, including real-time information about:

    • Environments, workbooks, views, sheets, and other BI assets

    • User accounts and groups

    • Schedules

    • Database schemas, tables, and columns, including impact and lineage

  2. Manage corporate BI assets through a high-performance discovery tool with bulk object administration

  3. Perform change analysis and management, object versioning as well as visualizing changes in content, object metadata, and actual report data values

  4. Schedule alerts, triggered when certain conditions are met (configured as certain rules), including but not limited to:

    • CPU usage

    • User activity

    • Server availability

    • Portal availability

Why MetaMiner for Tableau?

MetaMiner is the only high-performance management and data/impact analysis solution for the Tableau platform.

MetaMiner offers one unified interface for:

  • Multi-environment enterprise search, selection, and discovery
  • Bulk operations, both passive (read, compare) and active (create, delete)
  • Site and environment bulk administration
  • Business impact analysis
  • Change management & analysis
  • Users/groups management
  • Big data comparison & lineage
  • Instant validation, publishing, and archiving of workbooks and data sources
  • BI assets migration across environments
  • Environment upgrade & migration testing automation
  • Constant visual feedback about the consistency and health of your landscape
  • Performance monitoring and alerting
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