To view object properties:

  1. In the Content Area, select an object.


    You can choose an object of any type/kind.


    If you selected multiple objects, only properties of the first one will be opened.

  2. Choose Properties... from the context menu, or press Alt + Enter keyboard shortcut.

    The Properties dialog window opens.

In Security Data, the Properties context menu command works differently depending on a column where you run it:

  • Name column: the command displays properties of the selected business object(s) in usual way. Note that the set of available properties vary and depends on object type, other options.

  • Other columns: the command displays the list of available capabilities:

Capabilities Properties

The list of capabilities is displayed as a table with the following columns:

Column Description
Capability The icon and display name.
Permission Allowed or Denied.
Reason The source of this permission, e.g.: group allow

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