Compare Matched Workbooks

This dialog window allows you to view differences between any two PDF renderings of the same Workbook Set. This set must be in the one-side mode. PDF renderings are taken from the selected validation results.


You need to have comparepdfcmd tool installed and configured to run this command.

To open this dialog window:

  1. Open MMTE Client.
  2. Open Workbook Validation tab.
  3. Select a one-side mode Workbook Set in a table.
  4. Select a first Validation result in a table.
  5. Right-click it and choose Mark for Compare in the context menu.
  6. Select another Validation result.
  7. Right-click it and choose Compare with Marked in the context menu.

    The Compare Matched Workbooks dialog window opens:

Compare Matched

Compare Matched Workbooks consists of two areas:

  • Left area: the selected workbook set tree

  • Right area: visualization of differences on success or an error message on failure (see a picture above)

The workbook set tree is displayed as a tree table with the following columns:

Column Description
Name Workbook or its container name and hierarchy position.
Diffs Differences found or Error.
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