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MetaMiner Tableau Edition Administrator (MMA or MMTE Administrator) is the powerful, lightweight application used to configure MMTE Server, Pulse, and other related components.

It always resides on the same computer as MMTE Server:

MetaMiner Tableau Edition Administrator

MMA Responsibilities

BI architects and administrators use MMTE Administrator to configure and manage how your BI landscape is available to MMTE Client users.

Its main responsibilities are:

MMTE Administrator allows you to identify and configure (for use with MMTE Server) your corporate BI capacities:

  • Tableau environments
  • MetaMiner Database
  • Additional/advanced MMTE Server engine settings

For a more detailed review of its capabilities and how to use them, read topics in this chapter.

We have already discussed the configuration of MMTE. This chapter dives into much more detail about the various options that allow you to customize certain aspects of data collection, security, and MMTE Server connectivity.

Opening MMA

To open MMTE Administrator:

  1. Log in to the Windows Server computer where MMTE Administrator is installed.

  2. Launch the Start menu by pressing the Windows key or by clicking the visual Start button. The Start menu opens:

    Windows Server Start Menu

  3. Choose MetaMiner Admin from the Start menu or from pinned applications:

    MMA on Start Menu

  4. Windows User Account Control pop-up will appear to ask for your permission:

    User Account Control asks about MMA

  5. Click Yes. MMTE Administrator starts loading.

Finally, its main window will open:

MetaMiner Administrator Main Window

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