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User Accounts

MMTE needs OS/Active Directory and also Tableau Software user account credentials for installation and operation.

MMTE Server

Run MMTE Server installer as local Administrator.

We recommended to create a dedicated user account (local or in Active Directory) for running MMTE Server services. It must be included into the Local Administrators group.

This user account must have the following permissions:

  • Installing programs
  • Adding, configuring, starting, and stopping system services
  • Launching MetaMinerAdmin.exe and MetaMinerServer.exe

By default, MMTE installer configures system to start MMTE system services under the "Local system" account.

For the information about database user accounts for MMTE, please consult Database Technical User Account.

MMTE Client

You may need to elevate permissions for installing MMTE Client.

However, later you can run this component under local user accounts with normal privileges without any elevated permissions.

MMTE Administrator

MMTE Administrator is always installed on the same computer as MMTE Server and thus does not need any specific permissions or network access.

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