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Configuring MMDB

MetaMiner Database Configuration is an area of the MetaMiner Administrator main window.

All of the BI platform metadata in your environment will be captured in near real time by the MMTE Server. The output of this work is stored in what is called the MetaMiner Database (MMDB). You configure connection of MetaMiner to MMDB by using MetaMiner Administrator.

See Database Requirements for the information about exact types, editions, and versions of RDBMS supported for MetaMiner Database, as well as permissions and other settings that must be pre-configured in RDBMS for running MMTE.


The RDBMS server should be hosted as closely as possible to your MetaMiner Server in your network, providing maximum bandwidth between them.

Configuring Connection between MMS and MMDB

To configure the connection between MMTE Server and MetaMiner Database, do the following:

  1. In MMTE Administrator, navigate to the MetaMiner Database Configuration area shown below:

    Database area of MMA main window

  2. Click Configure MMDB. The Configure MMDB dialog window opens:

    Configure MMDB window

    In this dialog window you configure where MMTE Server should store MMDB.

  3. Read Connecting to MMDB for instructions how to fill in this form.

    Read Configuring MMDB over SSL for additional instructions for enabling SSL encryption.

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