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Filter Pane

Your BI assets can be deep and vast. It can be an difficult task to find, to filter the information which is only relevant for your needs.

For this reason, MetaMiner offers tools to quickly and easily filter across and down your data. These tools are Filter Pane and main toolbar with its Quick Search, Smart Selector, etc.

Filter Pane contains several groups of filters. Depending on which tab is currently opened, the set of filter groups may vary.

MMC Filter Pane

icon Filter Pane title (caption)

icon Filter group title (caption)

icon A filter in the group, applied to your BI data

Filter Types

There are several types of filters in MMTE. There can be filters of one type or of several types in a filter group.

Filter types are:

  • Simple checkbox: filter content based on having or not having some property, for example, Flows
  • Checkbox list: you can select one or more values of the same kind from the list, for example, Environments; such list has a special item (All) that clears/sets all checkboxes in this list altogether
  • Checkbox list with search: same as above, but with an additional search field; the list of available filters shortens as you type, leaving only those filters that match your input, for example, Projects filter group
  • Numeric range: specify minimum and maximum values to filter some numeric property, for example: File Size
  • Date range: filter content based on some date-type property, for example: Created; define two dates, "not earlier" and "not later", or just one of them

In filters with search the special item (All) changes to (All Filtered) as you start to type, because in such cases when you check this item, only all filters that match your input apply, and not completely all filters:

All Filtered


The search is not case sensitive.

In filters with dates you select those dates using a calendar control that appears when you click the field:

Filter Date

You click None to reset the value.

All tabs include Environments filter group. Other filter groups can be displayed under certain tab or not. All available filter groups are described later in this documentation, in detail.

Conjunction of Filters

All filters selected in one list are applied using 'OR'. In other words, if you select two roles (Viewer, Publisher), the user will be displayed in Content Area if it has any of them or both:

Multiple Roles

You see in the filter group caption that 2 of 8 roles from the list are selected, and color of this filter group caption changes.

All filters in Filter Pane and main toolbar settings (Quick Search, Smart Selector) are applied using 'AND'. That means, if you select an Environment filter icon, and a Created filter icon, and type in text in Quick Search icon, an object will be displayed in Content Area icon, only if it belongs to the selected environment, created between 04 Jan 2021 and 27 Aug 2021, and matches the search string Memory:

Filters and Smart Selector

Expand and Collapse Filter Pane

You can expand or temporarily collapse Filter Pane on the screen. By default, Filter Pane is expanded. You may want to edit MMTE Client preferences to display Filter Pane on startup.

To collapse Filter Pane, when it is shown:

  • On View menu, choose Filter Pane, or
  • Press Ctrl + E, see also Keyboard Shortcuts, or
  • Click the title (caption area) of Filter Pane:

Filter Pane Caption

Filter Pane is now collapsed. To expand it, perform the same action (described above) again.

Expand and Collapse Filter Groups

You can also expand or temporarily collapse any individual filter group. By default, all filter groups are collapsed.

To expand a filter group, when it is collapsed, click the title (caption area) of this group:

Filter Group Caption

The selected filter group is now displayed. To collapse it, perform the same action (described above) again.

Reset Filters

You may want to stop applying some or all of your filters to the BI data.

To stop applying filters of one certain group, do one of the following:

  • Click the filter-group icon at the top right corner of this group (see picture below where Sites filter group is going to be cancelled), or

    Cancel Sites Filters

  • Check the (All) checkbox in this filter group, if this group consists of just one filter list, or

  • Clear all checkboxes in this filter group.

Filters from this group are not applied to your BI data any longer.

To stop applying all filters, click the all-filters icon at the top left corner of Filter Pane:

Cancel All Filters

To get information on how to stop applying all filters, Quick Search Control, and Smart Selector, please consult the topic Reset All Filters.


If I were to analyze only data created before 02 July 2021 and related to pricing, I would access the following filter groups from the Tableau Explorer tab:

Filter Pane Example

icon Created filter group: here we restrict by date range

icon Tag filter group: limit to pricing

icon Content Area: the tree is now filtered instantly for BI data created before 02 July 2021 and tagged pricing.

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