Zoom In

The Zoom In/Out commands update the Difference Visualization View of Visual Diff to show only the selected object and its children and to switch back.


Zoom In is applicable to structural levels when you compare two business objects. It is not available for the Users mode and for comparison of tree structures.

To zoom in, do the following:

  1. Open the Visual Diff tab.
  2. Switch to the Data mode.
  3. Select two business objects to compare (for example, workbooks).
  4. In the Difference Visualization View, choose a structural level, except for the top level. For example, worksheet.
  5. Right-click it and choose Zoom In from the context menu.

The chosen level and its children are now shown. The rest of the content is hidden in both targets.

It is possible to zoom in multiple times, if you have many structural levels.

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