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About the Documentation

This documentation has a goal of providing an introduction to MetaMiner Tableau Edition (MMTE), its technology, maintenance, and user interface.

This integrated documentation covers aspects of all MMTE components. We have done our best to write clear and simple instructions for getting MMTE up and running and hope you enjoy reading it!


This documentation consists of the following chapters:

  1. Preface: basic terminology, what information and for whom can be found here, where to find more information and support

  2. Introducing MetaMiner Tableau Edition: an overview of the MetaMiner Tableau Edition and our technology

  3. System Requirements: software, hardware, database, and network requirements of MMTE

  4. Getting Started: step-by-step installation instructions for downloading, configuring, and launching MMTE

  5. MMTE Server: MetaMiner Tableau Edition Server documentation for system administrators

  6. MMTE Administrator: documentation for the MetaMiner Tableau Edition Administrator software component

  7. MMTE Client: MetaMiner Tableau Edition Client user guide

  8. Use Cases: examples, most common usage scenarios

  9. Optimizing MMTE: about pulling information from Tableau, ways to further improve performance and efficiency

  10. Logs: about MetaMiner Tableau Edition system logs

  11. MetaMiner Database: explains internal structure of MetaMiner Database (MMDB)

  12. Frequently Asked Questions: typical problem solving

  13. Appendix: Preparing Tableau: additional information you may want to review before starting with MMTE

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