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Intended Audience & Roles

MetaMiner Tableau Edition documentation provides complete information to Tableau administrators, architects, Business Intelligence managers, and anyone else with a need to know about the operational metrics, technical metadata, and activity of their BI landscape.

By learning the fundamentals of MMTE technology, one can put his or her intelligence into impact analysis and corporate data management for large and extra-large organizations.

For reading this documentation we assume that you have experience with the following:

  • Change management analysis concepts,

  • Tableau Software architecture and front-end/back-end technologies,

  • For those who install and configure MetaMiner Tableau Edition, the basics of Windows [Server] operating system maintenance (MCSE, MCDBA, MCP status recommended),

  • Knowledge of PostgreSQL RDBMS and SQL.


  • Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC)

  • BI Center of Evangelism (CoE)

  • Chief executives, directors, VP

  • Data analysts, BI managers

  • Tableau Software developers, architects, administrators

  • System administrators

  • DBA

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