Adjusting MMS Memory Settings

MMTE Server is a Java application. When you start it, Java Virtual Machine first starts and allocates some memory to MMTE Server.

You can configure JVM how it allocates this RAM.

To do it, configure the following MMTE Server VMARG system variables:

  • Xms: defines the initial amount of memory allocated for MMTE Server.

    "m" stands for Megabytes, "g" for Gigabytes, for example: 8192m means 8GB of RAM

  • Xmx: defines the maximum amount of memory that can be allocated for MetaMiner Server. Same syntax.


These variables are used without "=" character between the Xms/Xmx parameter and its value for historical reasons. For example: vmargs.2=-Xms1024m

You must determine the minimum requirements for your particular configurations.

Note that if you define System Java Memory Settings parameters, they will override values defined here via VMARG.

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