Repairing the Existing Installation

In some cases you may discover that your installation has become corrupt for several reasons after upgrading the software, including, but not limited to:

  • Incomplete uninstallation of a previous version
  • Upgrading MetaMiner while its background services were running causing an impartial upgrade
  • Other unknown reasons due to system instability

If this happens, we recommend the following sequence of steps:

  1. Back up your MetaMiner Database (MMDB).
  2. Back up your SQL Script Catalog. To do this, save all .json files found in the directory <MMS PROGRAM FOLDER>\Server\scripts to a safe place.
  3. Redeploy the most current version.
  4. Uninstall current versions of MetaMiner.
  5. Clean the program files folders.
  6. Install MetaMiner again (full install).

Initial files of MMS, MMA, and MMC with your system variables are not overwritten during re-installation.

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