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SQL Script Catalog

The SQL Script Catalog dialog window allows users to retrieve SQL scripts saved to MMTE Server:

SQL Script Catalog


All scripts displayed here are stored on your MMTE Server.

UI Overview

icon Toolbar

icon Script list

icon Script code preview

icon Description

icon Tags: if you click any of them, it works as a filter: only scripts with the selected tag will remain

Click Open to auto-populate the SQL Script Pane. Then you need to run it.

Click Run to populate the SQL Script Pane and run the script immediately.

Click Close to close SQL Script Catalog without action.


The toolbar contains the following elements:

  • Row count: how many SQL scripts are in the catalog after applying quick search and tag filters
  • icon: delete the selected script from the catalog for all users
  • Search in SQL: if checked, the Quick Search applied to the content of the selected script only; otherwise, the search filter applies to script names and shortens the displayed list
  • Quick Search Control

Script List

The list includes the following columns:

Caption Type Description
Script Name String The title of the script.
Created By String User name.
Modified On Timestamp When the script was edited last time.
DB Connection Enum The database where this script is designed to be run. Usually MetaMiner Database.
DB Type Enum The type of databases this script is applicable, for example, General or Postgres.
Public Checkbox If checked, this script is available to all MMTE users.

How to Find

Click the icon Open Catalog in the SQL Script Pane toolbar in Meta Query to open the SQL Script Catalog dialog window.

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