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MMTE System Services

MMTE Server Components

MMTE Server consists of the following software components:

  1. Two system services (main components):

    1. Infolytik MetaMiner 5.2

    2. Infolytik MetaMiner Remote Tableau Metrics Agent (tabagent)

  2. Embedded PostgreSQL

  3. Embedded Grafana
  4. Embedded InfluxDB
  5. SQL Script directory
  6. MetaMiner Watchdog
  7. Supplementary third-party utilities:

    1. PortQry

    2. Notepad++

    3. PsKill

About MetaMiner Services

Infolytik MetaMiner 5.2 is the primary service which responds to MMTE Administrator and MMTE Client requests and connects to your Tableau environments and databases.

  • Service name: metaminer
  • Display name: Infolytik MetaMiner 5.2
  • Executable: MetaMinerServer.exe

Infolytik MetaMiner Remote Tableau Metrics Agent is the service you need to install on any Tableau server to allow MMTE Server get all required data. It collects metrics data from your Tableau environments that is stored in MetaMiner Database and displayed by Pulse/Grafana.

  • Service name: metaminertabagent
  • Display name: Infolytik MetaMiner Remote Tableau Metrics Agent
  • Executable: tabagent.exe

How to Find MetaMiner Services

To open MMTE Server system services for maintenance:

  1. Log in to the Windows Server computer where MMTE Server is installed.
  2. Launch the Start menu by pressing the Windows key or by clicking the visual Start button. The Start menu opens:

    Windows Server Start Menu

  3. Choose Windows Administrative Tools from the Start menu or from pinned applications:

    Windows Administrative TOols

  4. Administrative Tools open. Choose Services from the list:

    Windows Services

  5. Services open.

    Choose Infolytik MetaMiner 5.2 from the list for opening the MMTE system service.

    Choose Infolytik MetaMiner Remote Tableau Metrics Agent for the service installed on Tableau servers for connecting with MMTE Server.

    Infolytik MetaMiner service

  6. During everyday operation, you should expect that its

    • Status is Running
    • Startup Type is Automatic
    • Log On is configured as Local System
  7. Double click a service to open the advanced properties dialog window:

    MetaMiner Service Properties


It is recommended not to change MetaMiner service properties. It is also recommended to start and stop MMTE Server from MMTE Administrator and use MetaMiner Watchdog for service recovery unless the opposite is suggested by Infolytik technical support.

Choose Refresh to update the status of MetaMiner services.

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