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View Workbooks for Output

This dialog window displays rendered workbook output for workbooks in the selected workbook set.

It is available for one-side mode workbook sets only.

To open this dialog window, do the following:

  1. Open MMTE Client.
  2. Open Workbook Validation tab.
  3. Select a one-side mode workbook set in the Workbook Set table.
  4. Select one of the execution results in the Table of Validation Results.
  5. Right-click and choose View Workbooks in the context menu.

    The View Workbooks for Output dialog window opens:

View Workbooks

It includes:

icon Workbook Set Tree – select a workbook to display its rendering

icon Toolbar with available commands

icon Workbook output rendering

icon Page navigator


The toolbar of View Workbooks for Output includes the following elements:

Command Description
Jump to First Navigate to the first page of the rendering.
Jump to Previous Navigate to a previous page.
Jump to Next Navigate to a next page.
Jump to Last Navigate to the last page.
Page # Page number indicator.
Zoom In/Out Shows the current zoom level and allows to change it.
Grid Set this checkbox to display a grid.
Search Quick Search tool.
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