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Database Requirements

During its work MetaMiner Tableau Edition interacts with multiple databases. Some of the databases are accessed directly (see How MMTE Fits within Your Organization). Some of them are accessed indirectly via API and tabcmd.

MetaMiner Tableau Edition connects to two types of databases:

  • Tableau Server Repository(s)
  • MetaMiner Database (MMDB)

Making sure MMTE can connect to these databases is critical to MMTE for performing optimally. To ensure this, provide enough hardware resources (it is recommended to have the same CPU/RAM parameters for your database server(s) as for application servers), network connectivity, and port accessibility on one hand and proper configuration of your RDBMS on another hand.

Characteristics of Databases

The following table shows key database parameters:

Database Version(s) Instances Location Privileges Notes
Tableau Server Repository PostgreSQL 9.6 or 12.x, depending on Tableau version 1 or more On Tableau Server host or on an external DB server (port 8060 TCP by default, can be changed) SELECT only MMTE uses the default read-only user account. Add IP address(es) of MMS to pg_hba.conf
MetaMiner Database (MMDB) PostgreSQL 10.0 always 1 On MMTE Server host at the embedded PosgreSQL port 49614 TCP (recommended and by default) or on an external DB server SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, CREATE, INSERT, TRUNCATE (see below for details) External DB server for MMDB makes sense for large installations only.
Create a technical user account for MMTE. Add IP address(es) of MMS to pg_hba.conf
MMTE installs a PostgreSQL run-time to host it (not configurable).

Is MMTE going to write to my Tableau Server Repository?

No, MetaMiner Tableau Edition is not. MMTE only reads data from the repository. All active actions to Tableau, which indirectly induce changes in the repository, are made by using Tableau APIs and/or tabcmd.

See Configuring MMDB for the steps to be performed before a database can be used by MMTE.

Database Technical User Account

It is recommended to create a special database technical user account in all previously mentioned databases (except for the embedded PostgreSQL where this user is pre-installed). This user account will be used exclusively by MMTE Server. The recommended username is mmuser. User access mode must be set 'with a password'.

This user account must be granted with the following privileges in a database supposed for usage as MMDB:


for the following database objects:

  • VIEW

If permissions are not sufficient, MMTE Administrator will report it during connection validation.

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