Tableau Software Compatibility

MetaMiner Tableau Edition provides multi-version support for Tableau Software.

The single version of MMTE 5.2 is compatible with the range of Tableau releases since 10.4 (September 2017) to 2021.1.x (March 2021), inclusively and simultaneously.

You are eligible to connect a single MMTE Server instance to multiple Tableau environments of different versions of the specified range.

For all these Tableau versions MMTE uses the same Tableau API authentication mechanism for signing in with a user name and password. You provide your Tableau credentials when you add or edit a Tableau Environment in MMTE Administrator.

Tableau Local and Active Directory identity stores are supported.

PostgreSQL version required to store Tableau Server Repository depends on Tableau platform version.

All Tableau branches are compatible with MetaMiner:

  • Tableau Server on Linux
  • Tableau Server on Windows
  • Tableau Server in the Cloud

In any case, MetaMiner Tableau Edition is installed on-premises on Windows Server.

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