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MMTE Administrator Logs

LOGBack configuration for MMTE Administrator is specified by the Dlogback.configurationFile MMA vmarg system variable. Its default value is MetaMinerAdmin.logback.xml

By default, the most of MMTE Administrator logs are stored in <METAMINER INSTALLATION DIRECTORY>\server\logs, but you can define alternative locations by changing MetaMinerAdmin.logback.xml, all paths in this file are relative to the <METAMINER INSTALLATION DIRECTORY>\server directory.

MMA Main Log

This is the main MMTE Administrator log. You can diagnose all critical activities on MMA by reading it.

Appender FILE
Config MetaMinerAdmin.logback.xml
Default Output file
Default Filename admin.log
Default Level DEBUG for MetaMiner modules, WARN for others
Default Rotation/Retention max 5MB, max 10 volumes
Default Encoder (format) %date{dd.MM;HH:mm:ss.SSS} [%thread] %-5level %logger{35} - %msg%n


27.07;01:58:20.382 [AWT-EventQueue-0] DEBUG com.infolytik.ui.Zci - LOGON SUCCESS TB003(2019.1.2)
27.07;01:58:20.398 [ServerConfig Thread-0] DEBUG c.i.server.config.ServerConfig - Saving server configuration...
27.07;01:58:20.399 [ServerConfig Thread-0] INFO  c.i.server.config.ServerConfig - MMA Config john@MS05[] Saving server configuration (JsonConfig{cmsInfos=[[cmsID=-1][ID=1614841205766][name=WS005][server=MS05][enabled=false]
27.07;01:59:17.333 [ServerConfig Thread-0] DEBUG c.i.server.config.ServerConfig - Saving done!

MMA Loader Log

This is the log of the Windows OS executable which runs MMA. The loader sends logging information to stdout and stderr streams. This information is then written to a log file.

Config MetaMinerAdmin.ini and MetaMinerAdmin.logback.xml
Ini config variable log
Default Output console, redirected to a file
Default Filename admin.start.log
Default Level DEBUG
Default Encoder (format) %-4relative [%thread] %-5level %logger{35} - %msg %n


[info] Module Name: C:\Program Files\Infolytik\MetaMiner\server\MetaMinerAdmin.exe
[info] Module INI: C:\Program Files\Infolytik\MetaMiner\server\MetaMinerAdmin.ini
[info] Module Dir: C:\Program Files\Infolytik\MetaMiner\server\
[info] INI Dir: C:\Program Files\Infolytik\MetaMiner\server\
[warn] Single Instance Shutdown


Encoder (format) settings cannot be applied to log event messages from the loader itself. They are always in the [%level] %msg format. See several first lines in the example above.

MMA Audit Log

MMA dumps to this log changes that users make to system settings using this tool. It includes adding/removing environments, user accounts, groups, permissions, etc.

Config MetaMinerAdmin.logback.xml
Default Output file
Default Filename mma-audit.log
Default Level DEBUG for MetaMiner modules, WARN for others
Default Rotation/Retention max 10MB, max 90 days
Default Encoder (format) %date{dd.MM;HH:mm:ss.SSS} [%thread] %-5level %logger{35} - %msg%n


03.10;07:33:27.149 [ServerConfig Thread-0] INFO  c.i.server.config.ServerConfig - MMA Config[] Saving ser
ver configuration (JsonConfig{cmsInfos=[[cmsID=-1][ID=1614841205766][name=WS002][server=IK003][enabled=false][infoViewPrefix=][hash=-66497530], [cmsID=-1][ID=1628581689739][name=BI4009 - 4.2 SP3][server=1628581689739][enabled=true][infoViewPre
fix=http://bi4009:8080/BOE/BI][hash=789084555]], tabInfos=[[ID=1543933977893][name=TB003(2016.5.2)][server=TB4434.CORP.COMPANY.COM][enabled=
true][hash=2040718629], [ID=1566402887772][name=TB006(2012.2.2)][server=TB4434.CORP.COMPANY.COM][enabled=false][hash=-1260175268]
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