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Meta Query – Overview

The icon Meta Query application tab in MMTE Client is the most powerful tool for direct access to your MetaMiner Database (MMDB).

With this tool, you can answer almost any question and mine any data by running existing SQL scripts (queries) on MMDB data or by writing your own scripts:

Meta Query tab


In Meta Query, you can execute SQL queries in Tableau Repositories of your environments as well.

Meta Query is a workbench embedded into MMTE with a UI and functionality similar to other SQL query tools on the market. It connects directly to the MetaMiner Database for quick and deep analysis of BI assets, limited only by your imagination and craft. Meta Query has advantages over standard SQL tools like pgAdmin or Toad® because it is an integral part of MMTE Client.

Why would I use it?

To query and report on complex platform metadata relationships that are not provided by any other application tabs. For example: "Show me the all workbooks on my BI landscape by databases."

Of course, you need to know SQL and have experience with direct access to databases, in order to get desired results with Meta Query.


You can perform read-only actions with your data in MetaMiner Database with Meta Query. All active SQL commands like ALTER, DELETE, TRUNCATE, UPDATE, EXEC, CREATE, DROP, INSERT, and so on are blocked in order to keep your data consistent.

Meta Query UI

The Meta Query UI consists of the following areas (see numbers in the picture above):

icon MetaMiner Database Tree View

icon SQL Script Pane

icon Results Pane

Each of them is described in a dedicated topic in detail.

There is a special additional application tab Show as Tree (Query Results) which you can open from Meta Query.

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