Remove Users from Group

With this command, you can remove one or more user accounts from a group.


This command is available for user account nodes only. All selected users must belong to the same site of the same environment.

Select one or more user accounts at the same site and choose Remove Users from Group... from the context menu. The Choose Group dialog box opens:

Remove Users from Group


All user groups of the site are shown, even if the selected user(s) do not belong to all of them.

Choose a user group where the selected user(s) should not exist.

You cannot remove users from the All Users special group.

Click OK to proceed or Cancel to close the dialog box without execution of this command. If you proceed, the Removing Users from Group... pop-up opens. Wait while a user account is being removed from a group.

If the command was completed successfully, the Success dialog box opens with a short report about the results. Click OK.

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