MMA Settings – Email

Email settings in MMTE Administrator allow you to configure how MMTE sends outgoing emails.

MMTE provides email notifications for several different purposes:

  • Diagnostic/progress information of the MetaMiner Data Engine
  • Logging of errors or warnings that are email-notification enabled
  • The Alerts tab messages for sending customized or server-based alerts on system events or metadata events through the MMTE Client

As most corporations work behind firewalls, you should confirm that the MMTE Server can access your SMTP/SMTP(s) servers correctly.

To open Email settings:

  1. Open MMTE Administrator.
  2. Choose Preferences – Settings from the main menu.
  3. Choose Email category.
Setting Type Default value Description
Enable email notifications? Checkbox/Boolean False If enabled, you can configure how MMTE should connect to your mail server; outgoing emails will be sent.
If disabled, all further settings are hidden and outgoing emails are not sent.
SMTP Host String None A hostname or Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your mail server, e. g.:
SMTP Port Positive Integer 587 TCP/IP port for accessing your mail server.
Usually, 25, 465, or 587.
Secure SMTP Checkbox/Boolean True For additional protection, set this option to use SMTP Secure protocol (port 587 by default), with SSL encryption, instead of good old SMTP (port 25 by default).
Max Attachment Size (MB) Positive Integer 10 Specify the file attachment limit on your mail server
E-mail to String None Specify one or more valid email address(es). All MMTE notifications will be sent to this address(es). Use semi-colon as a separator for email addresses.
Send copy to Infolytik Support Checkbox/Boolean False Enable this feature to send all notifications to the specified address and to Infolytik, simultaneously.
E-mail from String None Specify a valid email address. It will be indicated as a sender of notifications.
Login String None Specify login for SMTP authentication. MMTE supports the PLAIN password authentication in SMTP only.
Password String None Specify password for SMTP authentication.
Use default email header address Checkbox/Boolean False The email header is a code snippet in an HTML email, that contains information about the sender, recipient, email’s route to get to the inbox and various authentication details. If this checkbox is set, the email header will be generated automatically. Otherwise, you can specify the header details manually.
Email Header Text String None Here you can specify the sender name in the From property in message header. If not specified, or the checkbox above is set, then 'MetaMiner Server at <hostname>' will be added automatically.
Email Header Address String None Here you can specify the 'From' email address in header. If not specified, or the checkbox above is set, then the no-reply@<MMTE domain> will be used.
Test Button Click the Test button to quickly confirm whether or not your Email configuration is running correctly or not. A test notification with a body This is a test email sent from MetaMiner Administrator! will be sent.

For example, if the default email header option is used and MMTE is running on the FQDN, emails will be sent from "MetaMiner Server at" <[email protected]>.

If you specified the header settings manually, emails will be sent from "Your Email Header Text" <[email protected]>

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