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Projects Filter Group

The Projects filter group in the Filter Pane consists of a checkbox list and a search tool. Each of list items represents one project inside of one of your Tableau environments plus five special checkboxes:

Projects Filter

When you choose one or more projects, it limits the BI data shown in the Content Area to objects stored in those projects only.

The list of projects is cross-environmental (a plain list of all projects in all environments).


If there are projects of the same name in several environments, they all be filtered.

Special checkboxes:

Checkbox title Description
Show marked project only By default, it is unchecked and not editable. This filter activates automatically when you choose Show This Project Only in Tableau Explorer. When it is activated, you can click it to cancel showing a single project.
Hide empty projects Set it and projects with no content inside (except for other empty projects) will not be shown.
Show empty projects only Set it and only projects with no content will be shown. This checkboxes cannot be set together with the previous one.
Show projects only Set it and only project nodes will be shown and other hidden.
(All) Set it to toggle between all projects being selected and all projects being unselected.

When you change your selection of special checkboxes, your selection of particular projects is cancelled, and the content area is updated according to the selection of special checkboxes only. You may want to check some of particular projects again.

If all projects are selected, or none of them, then the Projects filter is not applied, and it does not limit the data displayed.

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