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Matching Mode

There are two matching modes available in Workbook Validation.

You choose a mode for each Workbook Set in the Add New/Modify Workbook Set dialog window.

Full Path Mode

The Full Path mode is structure-based.

In this mode the tool first finds differences between general structure of the selected BI subtrees.

If it succeeds to match them, it analyzes the inner structure of two workbooks.

The object data is not analyzed.

Use this mode when you compare two environments.

List Order Mode

The List Order mode is content-based.

This mode works deeper into the workbook content. The tool finds differences in the inner structure and the object data (properties and their values).

In this mode, the same number of workbooks must be on the right and on the left targets.

The structure of projects and sites is ignored in this mode. Make sure you have the same number of workbook on the right and left sides, and their order is the same, because the tool uses only index of items in this mode.

Use this mode when you compare two environments or two sites of the same environment.

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