Script Pane Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the SQL Script Pane offers basic SQL script management:

Command Description
icon Run Runs the whole script, or your selection (if any).
icon New Creates a new tab in the SQL Script Pane, blank.
icon Format Formats the SQL code in a standard way.
icon Open Catalog Opens the SQL Script Catalog dialog window.
icon Save to Catalog Opens the Save SQL Script to the Script Catalog dialog window.
icon Import Opens the Import SQL Scripts dialog. There you can select a file in the JSON format (.json extension) with SQL scripts. These scripts will be added to the SQL Script Catalog on MMTE Server. The file must conform to the mmdbScript file format described here. Use this feature for migrating SQL scripts from your old MetaMiner installation during upgrade or re-install.
icon Open from File Opens the Open SQL Script From File dialog box.
icon Save Opens the Save to File dialog box. The script will be save to a file with the .sql extension.
Select DB Choose a target database from this list. There is MMDB and Tableau Repositories of your environments in it.
Search Use Quick Search tool for searching inside the script source text.
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