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Preparing a Data Source

Before you start with MetaMiner, make sure your Tableau data sources are configured, or create the new ones.

MetaMiner Tableau Edition is able to connect to multiple data sources, simultaneously.

Connecting Tableau to PostgreSQL

  1. Open Tableau Desktop (or Tableau Web UI). Install Tableau Desktop if it is missing.

    The Tableau welcome page opens.

  2. In Tableau Desktop, choose File – New and click Connect to Data:

    Connect to Data

    The Connect widget opens.

  3. Choose PostgreSQL in the Connect widget:

    Connect PostgreSQL

    If PostgreSQL is not in the Saved Data Sources list (this happens the first time you connect), click More... and choose PostgreSQL from the full list of data source types:

    Choose PostgreSQL

    Finally, the PostgreSQL connection form opens:

    PostgreSQL Connection

  4. Specify your database settings:

    • Server: hostname or IP address of the PostgreSQL server host
    • Port: TCP/IP port
    • Database: DB name
    • Username: login
    • Password: password
    • Require SSL: optional (recommended)
  5. Click Sign In. If credentials you provided are valid and the database server is available, a new data source will be created and displayed:

    New Data Source

    Otherwise, an error message will be displayed.

Preparing Data

Select the table containing the data you will be using, e. g. Artist. For this drag-n-drop it from the list of tables to the data source content area:

Select Table in Data Source

Join other tables if needed:

Join Tables

Now you have your data source prepared:

icon Data source title

icon Data connection

icon Table list

icon Data source content area

icon Resulting data


Please refer to the Official Tableau documentation for more information.

Now you can start Preparing a Tableau View.

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