Find Objects

Search and discovery of business intelligence data is one of the most important purposes of MetaMiner.

Find Objects is one of its tools for it.

Each BI asset has its own unique identifier (ID).

You can determine this ID by opening properties of a given object.

To open Find Objects by ID dialog window:

  • Choose Find – Find Objects by ID... from the main menu, or
  • Press Ctrl + I, see also Keyboard Shortcuts.

The Find Objects by ID dialog window opens:

Find by ID

Specify the ID, or select one of the previously saved IDs in history list box. Only decimal digits are allowed.

Click Find.


At this moment, all your previously configured filters (in Filter Pane, in Smart Selector) will be canceled, and all your BI data will be displayed, including assets you are trying to find.

If a BI asset with a specified ID exists, the dialog window will be closed, the Tableau Explorer tab opened, focused on the selected asset.

If you have multiple environments configured on your MMTE Server, there can be several assets matching your request, maximum one asset per each environment. In this case, all assets matching your request will be highlighted in the tree, and focus will be on the first of them.

If such BI asset does not exist, the Find button has no effect.

For advanced search in your BI data, you may want to use Meta Query.

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