The Preferences dialog window contains general MMTE Client settings.

To open Preferences:

The Preferences dialog window opens:

MMC Preferences

The following system preferences can be adjusted:

Preference Default value Notes
Show Memory Bar Off Set this checkbox to display Memory Bar at the right part of Status Bar.
Warning: Changing this setting will not take any effect until you quit and start MMTE Client again.
Expand Filter Pane on Startup On Set this checkbox to display Filter Pane when you start MMTE Client.
Note that it has nothing to do with expanding/collapsing filter groups in Filter Pane or folders in your BI assets tree.
Reset Filters before Each Diff On Set this checkbox to reset filters.
Hide Empty Environments on Filtering On Set this checkbox if you want environments without sites not being displayed in the Environments filter of Filter Pane
Use Display Names for Users On This preference affects how Name fields for system users are displayed. Set this checkbox to show Display Names of users (for example: John Smith). Unset this checkbox to show Usernames instead (for example: jsmith001).
Note that changing this preferences does not affect already opened panels/tabs. To update, you need to close and open them again. For Tableau Users, collapse and expand the content tree for update.
Show Object Tooltips Off Set this checkbox to show. "
CSV Export Separator , Enter here a character that will be used to separate values in Comma Separated Value files, exported from MMTE Client (see Export).
You can type any UTF-8 character, or "\t" (for tabulation).
Max Security Rows 1000 Limit maximum security rows.
Confirm Close SQL Sheet On Set this checkbox to display "Are you sure?" dialog box when you try to close a tab in Meta Query.
Confirm Exit On Set this checkbox to display "Are you sure?" dialog box when you try to quit MMTE Client.
Show Data Integrity On Set this checkbox to show data integrity.

In this dialog window, you configure settings applied to MMTE Client only.

For the information how to adjust MMTE Server and MMTE Administrator settings, please consult MMA Settings.

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