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Using Online Documentation

How to Access

Use any of the following means to open the online help:

  • In any MetaMinder Tableau Edition software component, press the F1 key at any time for context help,
  • Choose Help - Context Help from the main menu,
  • Click the Help links in the bottom-right corner of the MMTE Client:

    Help link

  • Click the Help button in dialog windows where available.

The online help opens in your default browser.


You need Internet access to browse online documentation.

The image below illustrates this:

Help link

There is a global navigational tree at the left side of MMTE documentation pages. It displays the topic hierarchy structure.


This navigational tree appears only if your browser window is 1204 px or wider. On smaller resolutions, a hamburger icon appears in the upper left corner that opens up the table of content:

Ham icon

When you select a collapsed group of topics, its inner structure expands in the navigational tree:

Chapter pages

Click a heading to navigate to the corresponding page of the chapter.

When you select a page, its inner structure appears at the right side of the content area:

Page TOC

Click a heading to navigate to the corresponding section of the page.

At the bottom of the online documentation page, you can see the links to previous and next pages:

Previous and next pages

There is a search tool in the upper right corner of any documentation page:


Type in one or more keywords for a full-content search. Suggested pages will be shown below.

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