Forcing SSL for Requests to MMDB

This article explains how to require SSL encryption for incoming connections to your MetaMiner Database (MMDB) and other databases and deny un-encrypted connections.

On PostgreSQL server for Linux/UNIX OS, follow these steps to require SSL encryption for all connections:

  1. Open the pg_hba.conf configuration file for editing.
  2. Add the following rules:

    # Allow local connections through Unix domain sockets:
    local  all  all  peer
    # Allow non-encrypted local TCP connections with passwords:
    host       all  all   md5
    host       all  all  ::1/128        md5
    # Reject any other non-encrypted TCP connection:
    hostnossl  all  all     reject
    hostnossl  all  all  ::/0          reject

On PostgreSQL server for Windows OS, the incoming requests from external networks are authenticated and allowed access to MMDB by ODBC/JDBC.

To configure your ODBC driver that SSL is required:

  1. Ensure SSL is enabled on MMDB.

  2. Log in to PostgreSQL server host where your MMDB is stored.

  3. Open the ODBC 64-bit connection to MMDB.

    The ODBC dialog window opens:


  4. Change the SSL Mode to Require.

    There are five different SSL modes available. Select the appropriate one as per your SSL set up on the database.

  5. Click Test and check the results.

  6. On success, click Save.


PostgreSQL database with SSL enabled but SSL Mode not required will accept both SSL & Non SSL connection requests.

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