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What is MetaMiner Tableau Edition Server?

MetaMiner Tableau Edition Server (MMTE Server or MMS) is the core component of MetaMiner software solution for Tableau Software.

It constantly runs on a dedicated server computer as a bunch of background system services and integrates with your application and database servers.

When you perform any operation in you MetaMiner UI (through MetaMiner Tableau Edition Client), MMTE Client sends network requests to your MMTE Server that completes the operation. During this action, it fetches data from your database(s), connects to your Tableau environments, and does many other things.

MMTE Server is the heart of your BI infrastructure:

MetaMiner Tableau Edition Server

MMTE Server does not have its own UI. You communicate with it by

  1. Using MMTE Client for everyday operation

  2. Using MMTE Administrator for high-level configuration

  3. CLI tools and config/initial files for low-level configuration

For further information, go on reading this chapter.

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