MMA Settings – General – SSL

It is recommended to enable SSL/TLS encryption for the communication channel between MMTE Clients and MMTE Server and encrypting the internal requests.

Use the MMTE Administrator UI for doing this:

  1. Open MMTE Administrator.
  2. In the main menu, choose Preferences – Settings. The Settings dialog window opens.
  3. In this window, choose the General category.
  4. Click Configure SSL icon. The Configure SSL for MetaMiner Server dialog box icon opens:

    Configure SSL in MMA

  5. Set the Use SSL checkbox.

  6. Provide the following data:

    • Private key file: valid path and filename of the private key file (.key)
    • Certificate file: valid path and filename of the server cert file (.crt)
    • Private key password: a passphrase for your private key.


      Read here about the cert requirements and format.

  7. Click OK.

MMTE validates the provided information and closes the Configure SSL dialog box upon successful validation.


It is also possible to install your cert and enable encryption manually, though it is needed in rare cases and can make your system unresponsive if you do it wrong.

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