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What is MetaMiner Tableau Edition Client?

MetaMiner Tableau Edition Client (MMTE Client or MMC) is the MetaMiner component used directly by business end-users.

It has a unique and rich user interface (UI), carefully tailored for easy management of huge amounts of data.

As because MMTE Client includes multiple tools and mechanisms for BI search, discovery, and editing, therefore its UI consists of multiple tabs, described later in this documentation in more detail. Each tab provides you with the functionality of one particular aspect. UI of all tabs is consistent and intuitive to help you start with all of them quickly. That is why before studying UI of each tab you would need to read about common functionality.

Typical screen of MMTE Client may look like the following figure:

MetaMiner Tableau Explorer

We recommend you to use a high-resolution monitor/display, 4K recommended. With smaller displays you may have difficulties visualizing large data structures, comparing them.

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