Installation Overview

The purpose of the MetaMiner Tableau Edition is to accelerate the BI administration and management capabilities of Tableau Software installations by consolidating, unifying, and scaling BI data independently of corporate workflow and business processes. With MMTE, actions are done in hours, not weeks. MMTE features content management, BI metadata analysis, and so on.

This chapter contains all the information you need to have to set the MetaMiner Tableau Edition up and running from scratch.

Getting started is a step-by-step process:

  1. Preparing Tableau
  2. Getting the Trial Version
  3. Installing the MMTE Server and Administrator
  4. Connecting MMTE to your Tableau Software
  5. Connecting MMTE to MMDB
  6. Launching MMTE
  7. Installing MetaMiner Remote Tableau Metrics Agent
  8. Installing comparepdfcmd
  9. Setting Up and Running the MMTE Client
  10. Securing Your Installation
  11. How to Obtain a Paid License

Additional topics:

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