Add Tags

This command adds Tableau tags to the selected BI asset(s). You can add existing or create new tags.

Select one or more objects in the Content Area.


Adding Tags is available for workbooks, standalone publish data sources, and flows only.

Right click and choose Add Tags... from the context menu. The Add Tags dialog window opens:

Add Tags

The main area of the dialog window is a list of the existing Tableau tags in the corresponding environment.

There are Quick Search Control and Expand/Collapse tools at the top of the dialog window.

Click New tag to open a dialog box where you can enter a new tag. It will create a new tag in the current environment and add it to the list of the existing tags.

Set checkboxes for the tags you want to assign to the previously selected object(s).

Click OK to proceed or Cancel to abort.

If you choose to proceed, the Adding tags... pop-up opens. Wait while your changes are applied.

Finally, the Success or Failure dialog box opens indicating the results of the operation.

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