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MMA Settings – Meta Query

Meta Query settings in MMTE Administrator allow you to configure MetaMiner Query Agent that executes queries sent from the Meta Query tab functionality works in MMTE Client.

MetaMiner Query Agent is a separate Java-application supplied in a software set together with MMTE Server.

To open Meta Query settings:

  1. Open MMTE Administrator.
  2. Choose Preferences – Settings from the main menu.
  3. Choose Meta Query category.

Meta Query Settings

Setting Type Default value Description
Allow Write Commands Checkbox/Boolean False Set to enable active SQL commands that change the database content, like TRUNCATE or INSERT.
Convert Unknown Types Checkbox/Boolean False If set, then RDBMS-specific JDBC data types/classes (like PGInterval) in the result sets of your queries will be converted to String. Otherwise, result sets will be left intact.
Result Set Threshold Positive Integer 5 Set the limit for the maximum size of the result set which can be sent to you immediately following your queries. If the result set exceeds this threshold, a warning will be displayed, indicating the expected result set size, and user will have to confirm transfer. Measurement: Megabytes. Range: 5 to 50.
Worker threads Positive Integer 3 Set the limit for the maximum number of threads of MMTE Server which can be utilized for running your queries simultaneously. Range: 1 to 5. If set to 1, all queries will be executed sequentially one by one.
Result Set Fetch Size Positive Integer 10000 Set the limit for the maximum size of the result set which can be sent to you following your queries. Measurement: rows. Range: 100 to 100000.

Memory Settings

Configure RAM that can be allocated to JVM of MetaMiner Query Agent. It runs as a standalone Java application and is started and stopped by MMTE Server automatically. Its process run under the same account and with the same privileges as MMTE Server.

Setting Type Default value Description
Limit max memory to quarter of physical memory Checkbox/Boolean True If checked, JVM of MetaMiner Query Agent will not be able to allocated more than ¼ of the size of physically installed RAM of the server machine.
Memory allocation for Meta Query agent Positive Integer 2 You can limit RAM available for JVM of MetaMiner Query Agent by this setting. If specified, this value will be applied as XMS and XMX VMARG parameters when starting Meta Query Agent. If the checkbox above is set, then this value cannot exceed ¼ of physical RAM. Otherwise, it should not exceed X - Y, where X = total physical RAM and Y = max memory, allocated to MMTE Server. Measured in Gigabytes.

Timeout Settings


This timeout helps keeping your MMDB respond with no delays. If you allow to run too "heavy" queries, it may affect the system performance.

Setting Type Default value Description
Meta Query timeout period Positive Integer 10 Set the limit for the maximum time allowed for running your requests in MMDB from Meta Query. Measurement: minutes. Range: 5 to 20.
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