Choose Workbooks

This dialog window allows you to select workbooks for a workbook set or view which workbooks are already included:

Choose Workbooks

To open this dialog window:

  1. Open MMTE Client.
  2. Open Workbook Validation tab.
  3. Modify some Workbook Set or create a new one.
  4. Click the Choose Workbooks button.

    The Choose Workbooks dialog window opens.

In general, the dialog window consists of two areas:

  • Left area displays the content of the selected environment
  • Right area displays the selected workbooks from this environment

Each area includes a toolbar. It contains Quick Search and Expand/Collapse tool for quick global selection, especially useful when you operate massive sets of objects.

Those tools also allow you to

  • Select all
  • Select workbooks

The following commands are available for linking source and destination areas:

Command Description
icon Include the selected workbook(s) or workbooks from the selected environments/sites/projects. When clicked, the selected workbooks will be added to the right area.
icon Performs the same action as a simple include, but in addition affects the nested nodes ("children") below the selected source ones.
icon Exclude the selected destination workbook(s) from the set.
icon Include all the workbooks from the selected environment to the set.
icon Exclude all the workbooks from the set.

You can temporarily exclude certain workbooks from validation by clearing checkboxes in the right column. Only workbooks with a check mark will be processed.

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