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Meta Query – How It Works

This topic provides a typical scenario of using Meta Query to fetch data in a custom way from your MMDB.

Try the following sequence of steps:

  1. Navigate to MetaMiner Database Tree View. Browse it and find the table(s) and column(s) you need.

  2. Limit the scope of the information displayed in the MMDB Structure Tree by using the Quick Search control and Expand All/Collapse All buttons. For example, start typing the name of a column: FLOWS_ENABLED

  3. Optionally, fetch the information from a selected table or column.

    For example, select the FLOWS_ENABLED column in the SITES table. Right-click it in the Structure Tree and choose Show Column Values in the context menu. This command opens a new script tab in the SQL Script Pane and creates a simple SQL query, for example:

  4. Then Meta Query automatically runs this script. The content from MMDB fetched by this script appears in the Results Pane:

    Results Pane Sample

  5. Now you see both the structure and the content you need.

  6. Switch to the SQL Script Pane. You may want

    • to use the automatically generated script as a draft for your own custom script, or

    • to create a icon New script, or

    • icon Open Script Catalog and choose one of the existing scripts from the catalog, or

    • icon Load from a file.

  7. Edit and run your custom SQL script. Browse output in the Results Pane. Find the information you need.

  8. When you are done, save your script for future usage by clicking icon Save to Catalog or icon Save (to a file).

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