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List of All MMA System Variables

In this section you find the full list of MMTE Administrator system variables which you can use to fine-tune the way MMA runs in your environment:

System Variable Name Default Value Description . Relational path (from the folder where the MetaMinerServer.ini file is located) to use as a working directory when running MetaMiner Administrator.
vm.location ..\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll Java Virtual Machine (JVM) dynamic library (jvm.dll) to use for starting MMTE Administrator. Includes a relational path from the folder where the MetaMinerAdmin.ini file is located.
classpath.1 lib*.jar There can be any number of classpath variables.
main.class xyz.AdminMain For internal use, do not touch.
splash.image res\splash_admin.jpg Image file to display while MMA is loading. For internal use, do not touch.
single.instance process Ensures that only a single copy of MMA can run. For internal use, do not touch.
log logs\admin.start.log MMA loader wrapper log.
vmarg.* Special group of variables, see MMA VMARG System Variables
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