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Users and Groups Structure

The hierarchy displayed at the Tableau Users is always four-level:

Users Groups Hierarchy

  1. icon Environment: top level, TB003(2019.1.2) in this example. For each Tableau environment you choose Active Directory or local identity storage.
  2. icon Site: in general, there are independent users and groups at each Tableau site. Default in this example
  3. icon User group: All Users in this example; the same icon in gray color if this group is empty – Dev in this example
  4. icon User account: Administrator and many others in this example; the same in gray color if this account is unlicensed at this site – test, for example

Groups are single level only (groups inside of groups are not supported).

One user can be a member of one or more groups.

Each user is a member of at least one group: All Users, so this group always exists.

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