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MMA Settings – General

General settings in MMTE Administrator allow you to configure the core functionality of MMTE.

To open General settings:

  1. Open MMTE Administrator.
  2. Choose Preferences – Settings from the main menu.
  3. Choose General category (opened by default).

Server Section

These settings define how MMTE Server will be accessible by MMTE Clients.

Setting Type Default value Description
Server port Positive Integer 49714 TCP/IP port for running MetaMiner Protocol over it. MMTE Server will listen for requests on the port defined here.
Make sure you specify exactly the same port number in MMTE Client when you configure it in Connection Manager.
Validate Button Click to check if this port is available. If your settings are correct, you will see a Valid green mark Mark Complete next to the section.
Configure SSL Button Click to open Configure SSL for MetaMiner Server dialog box. See Configuring SSL Encryption

Password Restrictions

These settings define a policy for MetaMiner user passwords.

Setting Type Default value Description
Min password length Positive Integer 4 MetaMiner password cannot be shorter.
Password expiration (days) Positive Integer 10000 Password will expire and the system will force a user to set a new password every X days. Passwords always expire. If you want your passwords be valid "forever", specify a large number like 30000.
Login failure threshold Positive Integer 3 Login will be temporarily blocked after X login attempts of the same user fail. New attempts will be possible after system administrator will reset the login attempt counter or user password.
Enforce password complexity Checkbox/Boolean False If enabled, the stronger password policy will be applied:
* minimum password is 4 characters
* at least one character of all categories of the following list must present:
  * digits,
  * upper case Latin letters,
  * lower case Latin letters,
  * special characters:

Connection Banner

Setting Type Default value Description
Enable connection banner Checkbox/Boolean False If enabled, a pop-up will appear when users start MMTE Client and connect to this MMTE Server.
(banner text area) String None Any text you wish to display.

If you define some banner text in MMTE Administrator:

Connection Banner in MMA

then the following pop-up will appear in MMTE Client after successful login:

Connection Banner in MMC

You can broadcast important news and tips to your users with this feature.

Infolytik Pulse

The settings for embedded Grafana.

Setting Type Default value Description
Pulse Enabled Checkbox/Boolean True If enabled, Pulse (embedded Grafana) will be activated
Password String None Specify a password for Pulse admin.
Confirm password String None Enter the same password again for confirmation.


You also need to activate InfluxDB for Pulse/Grafana operation.

Custom orphan handling

This section is applicable to SAP BO only and not to Tableau. Please, ignore it.

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