Launching MMTE

If MetaMiner Tableau Edition is successfully connected to Tableau Software and MMDB, then you are ready to launch MetaMiner Tableau Edition.

To do this:

  1. Switch to MMTE Administrator or launch it if it is not started.

  2. At the bottom of MMTE Administrator main window, find and click the Start Server button:

    Start Server

  3. If the email preferences are not set, you will see the following pop-up:


  4. It is recommended to click Yes. The Settings - Email dialog window will be opened:


  5. Set the Enable email notifications? checkbox:


  6. Fill in the fields in the dialog window.

    See Configuring Email Notifications for further details.

  7. Click OK.

  8. MMTE launches MetaMiner Server primary service:


  9. Wait until this process finishes. Finally, you will be switched back to MMA main window. The Start Server button will be changed to Stop Server:


  10. Now you can close MetaMiner Administrator if it is not needed:


    MMTE system service will continue operation.

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