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Results Pane – Overview

This dialog window displays the results of your SQL query execution in Meta Query:

Results Pane Success


Look at the example above where free text search for the string "fe" is quickly performed.

In case of successful execution of your script, the Results Pane consists of a toolbar and a results table. The columns of the results table depend on your query.

In case of a failure, the error message appears instead:

Results Pane Error

You can hide the Results Pane by clicking the triangle element at the top right, then you have more space for the SQL Script Pane.

Click another triangle to maximize the Results Pane and hide the script editing area.


The toolbar of Results Pane includes the following elements:

  • Row count: how many rows are in your result set; search filter shortens this number
  • Query duration: how much time it takes to execute your script
  • icon Show as Tree button opens the Query Results additional application tab. Your result set must have either CMS_ID and *CUID (for SAP BO environments) or ENV_ID and *LUID (for Tableau environments) columns to make it working.
  • Export to CSV/Excel control
  • Quick Search control
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